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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment

As a Distributor, Impact Dimensions has made its mission, whenever possible, to partner with Socially Responsible Companies on a Global as well as National and Regional scale.  When sourcing products for clients, Impact Dimensions makes every effort to create a program and product offering that aligns with the culture and values of the client.  Many clients are already Socially Responsible and look for that connection that we provide through many of our suppliers and the products that they offer.  At Impact Dimensions, we feel we are part of a much larger mission alongside our suppliers and clients. Our mission is to provide a safer and healthier planet for all.



We actively seek to work with companies that give back.  Through many of our gifting programs, we source products whose companies give proceeds to organizations and charities or practice clean production throughout the life cycle of the product.  Producing items with clean energy and ensuring materials that can be repurposed or recycled. 



We have continuously participated in National programs annually with Major Corporations such as Comcast with their annual ‘Comcast Cares’ event by coordinating efforts in providing volunteers with the necessary materials to enable them to go out into their communities to help make a difference.  We, as a company have also personally participated and donated to fund raising events by partnering with major clients such as Konica Minolta for the annual Kidney Walk/Run in New York City.



As a company, our employees have been instrumental in our involvement in participating in local charitable events through personal contributions, company sponsored merchandise and product donations.

Companies We Promote, Do To What They Give Back
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